An apology to those who expected to find a new episode of Finding the Time available today. It will unfortunately have to be delayed until later this week. Although the new additions are finished, the different pieces do not fit well together into one coherent, fun, and interesting game. It is better to delay launch than to release something that is not quite good enough.

Some of the new additions that you can look forward to:

  • Save game. The option of leaving the game and coming back later to continue where you left.
  • The daily tasks on your to-do list will be tied more directly into the story and dialog. Decisions made here can have significant consequences.
  • Andrea’s current mood and situation will be clearly visible in her notebook. These will form the core of the gameplay challenge to balance all the different needs and demands in Will and Andrea’s lives. Focus too much on Andrea’s love life and she could end up getting fired.
  • On the third day of the story, Will is gone. Andrea needs to choose whether to try to figure out what he is up to or simply enjoy some time on her own.

Next episode on April 24th

The next episode of Finding the Time will have new gameplay features added.

At the moment, the daily tasks that Andrea must choose between are a little obscure. Their effects are not immediately obvious – for example, choosing to buy concert tickets means that Andrea will be able to give those tickets as a gift to Will later in the day.

With the next update, these tasks are going to play a much more central role in “Finding the Time”.

Episodic updates

The original plan was to work on Finding the Time for a set project duration and then deliver a finished and nicely packaged product, which could be sold on Steam and similar marketplaces.

It has become clear that this is not the right format for this game. In stead, we will be making episodic updates, so that you can continue to follow Andrea and Will’s story. Each episode will add another day with new challenges and new twists.

The next episode will focus on the day after Andrea and Will’s anniversary. Having resolved to mend their relationship, they soon meet the first obstacles. Will has bad news and Andrea faces the consequences of her actions.

You can play the next episode of Finding the Time on 10th of April.

So, why are we making this game, anyway?

Video games are often thought to be just idle entertainment. We disagree. We are going to prove that games can deal with serious topics, letting players reflect on important questions in their lives.
Video games have the potential do this better than any other media. Because a game is the only medium that makes you an active participant. Difficult questions are yours to answer and decisions are yours to make.
Love and sexuality are themes that have so far been shallow in video games. We want to change that. To create a story that is deeper than “kill the monsters, rescue the damsel in distress and win her love”. And to portray sexuality in a way that is neither vulgar nor comical, but invites you to reflect on its beauty and intimacy. And on your own love life.