So, why are we making this game, anyway?

Video games are often thought to be just idle entertainment. We disagree. We are going to prove that games can deal with serious topics, letting players reflect on important questions in their lives.
Video games have the potential do this better than any other media. Because a game is the only medium that makes you an active participant. Difficult questions are yours to answer and decisions are yours to make.
Love and sexuality are themes that have so far been shallow in video games. We want to change that. To create a story that is deeper than “kill the monsters, rescue the damsel in distress and win her love”. And to portray sexuality in a way that is neither vulgar nor comical, but invites you to reflect on its beauty and intimacy. And on your own love life.

5 thoughts on “So, why are we making this game, anyway?

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. Games are a form of art and it is past due we game developers should grasp this.

    Good luck!

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